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An Exemplary 6-8 Campus in Friendswood ISD
Sixth Grade Campus Added in 2010

School History:
Friendswood Junior High holds the richest FISD history. The original campus opened in 1949 as the district’s only K-12 Friendswood School. The year 2010 brought changes with a new location and state of-the-art campus. Now housing 6, 7, & 8 grades.

Parent Organization:
Parents are encouraged to join and take an active role in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

Parent Volunteer Program:
Many parents and friends work in classrooms with students and help teachers prepare learning activities. Others help in the library, office or with FJH activities.

Student Activities
Clubs & Organizations
C.L.E.A .R.
German Club
Junior National Honor Society
Junior Thespians
Student Council

Dana Drew
Associate Principal
Tammy Bock
Assistant Principals
Fletcher Weston - 8th Grade
Diane Jones - 7th Grade
Kristen Moffitt - 6th Grade
Jennifer Reed
Amy Pack
Stephanie Jones
1000 Manison
Friendswood, Texas
Phone: 281-996-6200
Fax: 281-996-6262
JH Website:

Counseling Program
Two certified counselors are provided to assist students in academic planning, problem solving and dealing with everyday problems that face students. Part of the guidance program is helping new students feel at home with teachers and new friends.

Academic Teaming
Classes are set up in a team format. A student will be on a team of four core teachers who specialize in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Language Arts
Classes emphasize written composition, reading analysis and comprehension, with students completing a major project/essay each grading period. Pre-AP classes are reading and writing intensive with student performance aimed at achieving the analysis and synthesis levels of critical thinking.

The curriculum offers a wide variety of courses based on the student’s assessed needs and level of understanding. From the concrete with much emphasis on computation and application to the abstract levels of algebra and geometry, students will encounter a challenging, rigorous mathematics class.

Classes cover a wide range of interesting topics. Students learn the scientific method and how to develop a testable hypothesis in a safe laboratory environment. Dissections allow students a hands-on learning experience. Pre-AP science classes are also available for those students who are seeking  a more challenging curriculum.

Social Studies
Seventh grade social studies is an overview of Texas history, geography and culture, while eighth grade studies U.S. geography and history. Pre-AP social studies classes are also available each year, featuring writing intensive, in-depth coverage of Texas history and U.S. history. World Geography, a  high school credit course, is an elective option.

Art I students have opportunities to paint, draw, sculpt and produce pottery, while Art II students add to those skills through an in-depth study of techniques, artists and careers in art.

The FJH has three bands for students with previous experience-Symphonic, Honors and Concert. Please visit FJH Band at website for more details.

Students in Treble Choir, Mustang Chorus, and Concert Choir are ability-grouped by audition The students study sight-singing, and prepare for concerts and contests in the region. Chamber Choir is a small, extra-curricular, auditioned group that performs popular music at community events and competes in ensemble contests.

Foreign Language
Latin, German, French and Spanish are offered with one year of high school credit awarded upon the successful completion of two years at FJH.

Physical Education
Conditioning and Wellness physical education is offered at FJH.  Conditioning focuses on competitive sport skills; whereas, Wellness emphasizes individual movement, rhythm and perceptual awareness skills.

Theatre Arts
Theatre Arts I and II students have the opportunity to learn theatre skills on stage with class productions each semester. Students also have numerous extra-curricular options, including attending theatrical performances and drama festivals, auditioning for the all-school musical/play, and earning membership in the International Thespian Society.

The FJH Student Handbook and FISD Curriculum Guides are available online.